Locomotive Diary

December 17, 2016

1:15pm to 4:30pm

December 26, 2016

What was delivered

The model consisted of the following parts when it was delivered

Work done on the model

Work to be done

  1. Some of the assembled parts have started to rust. Remove them from the assembled, remove the rust and flaky paint, and apply a good primer.
  2. Reduce the width of the wooden floor so that it will fit through the typical tunnel found on miniature railway tracks in New Zealand.
  3. Re-condition one of the electric motors
  4. Make suitable brackets for holding the batteries.
  5. Replace the wooden ends of the engine compartment and the front panel of the cab with those made of better wood
  6. Complete the fabrication of the sides of the engine compartment
  7. Complete the fabrication of the inside layer of the walls of the cab
  8. Make the roof of the cab
  9. Make the uprights for the roof
  10. Make the driver's seat and footplates
  11. Finish the control panel
  12. Wiring
  13. Painting
  14. The fixing of the bearings
  15. Lettering
  16. Assembling

Possible Super-detailing

Possible improvements to what exists